Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reece's PB Chocolate Cake

This is my "semi-homemade" version of a cake I had a few weeks ago. That original recipe is listed here.
1 devils food cake mix(follow the box instructions, but add 1/2 c. creamy PB)
Divide into two 9" cake pans
Bake as instructed on the box. Cool and invert.

Since this is a 2-layer cake, I figured I needed a middle filling so I made this up:
1 bag peanut butter chips (like chocolate chips, but they are PB!)
1/2 c. milk
Heat over double boiler till PB chips are melted. Remove from heat and add about 1 c. pow sugar chill for about an hour - it will have a glaze consistency. Then, whisk in creamy peanut butter until you have a good almost pudding consistency.
Use as filling between the two cakes and then frost with this:

1 can of duncan hines Buttercream Chocolate frosting beat w/ 1/4 c. milk
Top with broken or quartered Reece's PB cups


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