Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mexican Tamales

These take some serious time, but are SOOOO good!

Boil your meat (pork, chicken or beef) until done. To add additional flavor, boil with garlic, s&p, onions, etc. When cooked through, set the broth aside to use in Masa. Cool meat and then shred with fork.

Prepare corn husks by immersing in warm water until soft enough to seperate. Seperate them and rinse. Place in fresh warm water again until ready to use.

Prepare chili sauce by boiling 8oz bag of dried red peppers. Do not fill the pan with water. Only add about 2 inches of water in medium size pan. Cover and boil for 15 minutes. The steam will soften the peppers. When soft, blend in blender (with water it was boiled in) until smooth - can add additional water to make more liquid. Strain and combine with shredded meat. Set aside.

To make the Masa you will need:
1 lb of lard (can use shortening) - squish with hands until soft and like creamed butter.
2 t. baking powder - add
2 t. chicken bullion - add
2 T. salt - add
4 heaping cups of masa mix - add, mix with hands
add enough of the broth you set aside earlier to make dough that feels like pie crust - be sure it isn't dry

To make tamale:
Spread about 2 T. masa with a spoon onto the wide end of the corn husk, put about 1 T. of the meat/sauce filling. Fold the wide edges of the husk into the middle, crossing one another. Then fold the skinny pointed end over the folds.

In a large steamer pan, place tamales in a stack - open end facing up into shape of volcano.

Steam for 1 hr, or until dough is cooked.

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